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The Diamond Girlz Way


What it means to be a Diamond Girlz Softball player:

Coaches and Athletes are Role Models. Every athlete and coach in our program will be aware that their actions have tremendous impact on the lives of the people around them. As role models, there are certain Values and Character traits our athletes and coaches should demonstrate and possess.

Among these are a positive attitude, sportsmanship, competitiveness, team concept, a good work ethic, respect and an understanding of what success is. These traits will be stressed more than offense and defense in our program. These are the things that are essential to achievement in athletics and in life.

The student-athlete: Along with these traits every athlete will maintain a high standard in academics. We will be leaders in the classroom, as well as on the field, hence the “Student Athlete”. The top priority for players is to receive a good education—playing softball at the highest level is an added bonus.

Time Commitment: No matter what the commitment, family comes first! When a player in our program is absent from a practice or game, it impacts the whole team. This being said, to be a part of the Diamond Girlz is a commitment. Other than family or academics, it’s expected to be a player’s number one priority! Please always remember there are teammates and coaches depending on you. Family emergencies, academics and other situations do come up and no player will be faulted for absences related to such situation.

On and Off-the-field behavior: Our players will take their position as role models very seriously. Diamond Girlz will be expected to conduct themselves as respectable and well-mannered young ladies on and off the field. No taunting or inappropriate gestures will ever be tolerated (from parents as well)!

Emphasis on Winning and Playing time Policy: The primary emphasis will be player development and growth, skill and mental toughness. We are a competitive team which means all athletes’ talents will be utilized in their respected positions.

While we recognize winning is not the most important aspect of athletics, it certainly enhances the experience for all involved. We will pursue winning in a vigorous manner, with due respect to all players.

As coaches we are charged with the task of doing what is best for the team. Sometimes what is best for the team may not be the best for an individual player. Every player and every parent has the right to an explanation if they are not comfortable with their role on the team. They may not like the explanation or the situation, but again, it is our job as coaches to do what is best for the group at large, not the individual. Remember, every player needs each other to shine and to be seen!


Thank You
Barry Roberts

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